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After-sales Service

After-sales service commitment

Our company for the project after sale service items:  Free warranty period from the date of acceptance of goods installation, the warranty period of 1 years (including hardware, software), free repair 1 years maintenance. Free range includes spare parts, repair needlabor costs, repair costs and product use all the training and adjustment costs.

1 telephone hotline support. The user repair personnel in case of any maintenance or operation, customer service repair services to ourcall to consult the relevant technical personnel. Such as the related technical problems to solve in real time, our company will according to the actual situation take engineering personnel to the scene to assist.

Company customer service service telephone: +86 0755-26078858,+86 15919795006 Email:

Service hotline: 24 hours / day for 7 days / week

3 during the warranty period, our party is responsible for all device maintenance and maintenance contract, for any due to design,installation process, material, quality of products and components of the device or components to replace and repair free of charge,to extend the warranty period of device and parts and replacement can be.

4 when the system software upgrade, free of device lifelong software upgrades, to provide the latest version to use.

To provide life-long maintenance:

 after the warranty period, our company engineers are one-time overall test and adjustment on the big screen.

-2 years warranty,if broken in warranty time,we will supply free technical support or free spare parts to prepare or replace.

-For installation and operation, any question, contact anytime via email&skype&phone call.

-Direclty remote control via team viewer.



OEM/ODM Profile

We provide OEM and ODM for our clients.

Our aim is to make the product longer life, bringing our customers more profit.blob.png